AutomateScale now has MANAGED Wordpress Hosting!

Hosting Key Features

Unlock the power of your Wordpress site by giving it the power it needs.

Most hosting is either bad or expensive. If you go with managed providers like BlueHost, GoDaddy or even WPEngine, you have a shared server that is at the whim of OTHER people on your server. This is not a way to run an online business.

Conversely, running your own server can be extremely expensive and difficult to manage, since it's up to you to keep the server healthy and safe for your visitors. Not everyone wants that responsibility nor is it needed.

Now we have a new option, that allows your Wordpress hosting to be contained right in the same platform where your run your business.

And it's oh so fast. Check out some of the other features...


Our custom servers are spun so it's a dedicated IP instead of shared like you normally get. We will compete directly with your current provider and if it's slower we'll give you your money back.


So you never have downtime or have to deal with an engineer.

Built into a CRM

Stop attaching 15 different platforms for your website to function as a business. Automated Email, Contact Management, CRM, Messaging...etc.

NO CDN's Required

Our content is delivered at the speed of light since we have a direct relationship with Google servers.

Managed Security

We will take care of any threats to the site when we migrate.

Ready to Automate and Scale your Business?




One click seamless migration

24/7 Support

DNS Server Help

Lifetime Warranty

No contract cancel anytime

CloudFlare CDN

Built on Google Cloud

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