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We Create Smart Automated Evergreen Funnels that Boost Businesses

Smarten up your business by leveraging the power of automation and save on time, cost, and manpower as you grow your revenue.

Building Automations that Scale Businesses

By providing smart custom tools and enabling automations, we enable businesses to reinforce their resilience and growth.

ROI first. Always!

Build Awareness

Leverage Engagement

Grow Your Tribe

Our Standards


We provide solutions that add relevance and create impact. We ensure that all our solutions are best suited to your business needs, context, and environment, nothing less.

We also ensure that our solutions are in line with the vision and voice of your brand. Relevance is key!

Memorable Branding

From imagination to impact, we develop turnkey services that elevate your brand and create lasting connections with your market.

We conceptualize and execute powerful branding through the right channels for maximum reach and response.

Positive Impact

Our sales funnels are smartly and effectively designed to bring revenue streams from various sources.

From websites, to content marketing and customer service, we equip businesses to influence, and fulfill their customers’ needs positively and profitably.


We provide full-range services where each project unit is designed as an integrated part of a complete, cross-functional system.

Branding elements and automated functions are created and linked across a system to maximize their individual and holistic value.

Multidisciplinary Team

Our team includes digital marketers, visual artists, copywriters, multimedia designers, videographers, web developers, programmers, e-commerce specialists, business consultants, story creators, backend managers, customer success, professionals, and more.

Recent Technology

We are always updated with the latest automation technologies and utilize them in every project that we do.

We believe that the key to creating successful and value-adding automation products and services is ensuring a satisfying user experience and cost efficiency to clients.

Here's our latest list of platforms we LOVE.

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Our Team

Adam Palmer

Automation / Funnel Man

Ivo Pozharliev

Operations and Builder

Azeez Adekunle

Funnel Hacker

Jayson Ventura

Funnel Hacker

Valeria Lujan


Alex Zinkin


Yoanna Stoykova


Christiana Alyanna Matira

Design and Email Expert

Elias Gutierrez Mandiola

Videographer / Video Production

Evgeni Mitov

Videographer / Animation

Mili Haldar

Account Support Specialist

Keren Dinkin

UX Writer

Laurice Gallardo

Sales Representative

Sabrina Medrano

Sales Representative

Johanna Andrada

Administrative Coordinator

Eva Salazar

Digital Marketing Expert

Robert Long

Funnel Hacker

Prince Haldar

Lead Developer

Automate & Scale was started by digital marketing expert Adam Palmer who has helped hundreds of online businesses thrive on the internet.

He’s successfully built thousands of campaigns that have made millions for his clients. includes expert developers, copywriters, designers, project managers, content management experts, and other people necessary to get projects completed in the most efficient and effective time.

His latest mission is to help other aspiring freelancers to get to a point of becoming solvent with his new site, where he breaks down exacatly how to win big on digital marketplaces like Upwork.

It can intimidating to get started with freelancing, but with a mentor to give you guidance, direction, and support the transition can be less daunting and much more exciting.

Our Team


Adam Palmer

Automations Expert / Founder

Ivo Pozharliev

VP of Operations

Marketing Department

Tracy Singleton

Content Manager & Master Copywriter

Laurice Gallardo

Administrative Manager & Executive Assistant

Terren Vilhuaer

Social Media Ads Expert

Trixie Joyce Burce

Social Media Manager

Anna Lynn B.

Brand & Marketing Specialist

Ifeoluwa I.

Website SEO Writer

Celina D.

Writer and Marketing Specialist

Ester B.

Article Writer, Translator

Matthew A.

ClickUp Expert Certified

Bryan E.

Social Media Marketing Expert

Joe N.

Conversion Copywriter

Ify C.

Content Marketing Specialist

John G.

Cybersecurity Editor

Phillip K.

Technical Content Writer

Roxana R.

Technical Content Writer

Neil M.


Will B.

Accessibility Specialist

Clarise S.

Content Manager

Matteo F.

Voice Talent

Emily M.

Content Writer

Funnel Hackers

Prince Haldar

Lead Developer

Leilani N.

Funnel Designer

Mili H.

Website develper

Jayson Ventura

Funnel Interface


Alex Zinkin

Graphic Designer

Micaela L.

Graphic & Ux/Ui Designer

Julius Gaspar

Graphic Designer

Daniil I.

Graphic Designer


Elias Gutierrez Mandiola

Video Production

Evgeni Mitov


David G.

Short-Form Video Production

Olena S.

Video Editor


Taryn Threet

Sales Representative

Laura L.

Virtual Assistant

Gregory A.

Virtual Assistant

Maureen G.

Virtual Assistant

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Copyright Automate Scale 2023 — All Rights Reserved.

We’re on a mission to build a better future where technology helps humans!

Copyright Automate Scale 2023 — All Rights Reserved.

We’re on a mission to build a better future where technology helps humans!