AutomateScale Tailored for the Culinary World

The success of a restaurant doesn't just simmer on the stove – it also brews online. At the heart of our offerings is the experience and wisdom of our founder, Adam Palmer. Having owned restaurants for a decade, Adam intimately knows the rhythm of the restaurant industry.

From transforming locals into loyalists with stellar marketing campaigns to navigating the intricacies of delivery giants like Uber Eats and GrubHub, Adam's insights are your secret sauce.

Works seamlessly with LMS platforms

Works seamlessly with LMS platforms

Works seamlessly with LMS platforms

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Courses can help educate your clients on your ideas or methods and are extremely lucrative.

We've built 100's of different courses for clients and can help you get the ground running. One of the greatest parts with the AutomateScale platform is that it works seamlessly with different LMS platforms and we can also easily build your course on our platform itself so it integrates seamlessly with your sales funnel.

Our Gourmet Suite of Services

Full Website Development

Your restaurant deserves to shine online. We craft beautiful, functional, and responsive websites that capture your essence, making it easier for guests to find you, book a table, or order their favorite dish.

Seamless Integration with OpenTable

Bookings made easy. With seamless integration with OpenTable, we ensure your guests can reserve their spot without a hitch.

Digital Menu Showcases

Let your culinary delights take center stage with dynamic, interactive menu displays. Highlight specials, seasonal offerings, or wine pairings with flair.

Optimized Online Ordering & Delivery Systems

Stay ahead in the online food race. With expertise in partnering with industry-leading delivery platforms, we ensure every dish reaches its destination promptly.

Strategic Sales Funnels & Marketing Campaigns

Create a buzz around your offerings. Whether it's a new brunch menu or a wine-tasting event, our sales funnels and campaigns ensure it gets the spotlight.

360° Agency Services

From captivating content and drool-worthy food photography to promotional materials, our team crafts your brand story with finesse.

Reputation & Review Management

Every review is a goldmine of feedback. We help you manage, respond, and leverage reviews to build a trustworthy brand image.

Local SEO Optimization

When someone's craving strikes, we make sure they find your restaurant. Our SEO strategies prioritize local discovery, directing hungry patrons straight to your doorstep.

Engaging Loyalty Programs

Reward your patrons. With custom loyalty programs, turn casual diners into brand evangelists.

Automated Social Media Strategies

Engage, inform, and entertain your online community with regular posts, event announcements, and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

Compliance & Safety Display

Showcase your commitment to diner safety. Stay updated with health norms, offering guests a dining experience that's safe and delightful.

And Much More

Dive deeper into the diverse tools and features at AutomateScale, all designed to serve the unique needs of restaurateurs.

Book a consultation and benefit from Adam's treasure trove of insights.

Let's serve up success, one digital strategy at a time. Whether you're envisioning a new website or keen to amplify your online presence, AutomateScale is your partner in success.

Embark on Your Digital Culinary Journey

Copyright Automate Scale 2023 — All Rights Reserved.

We’re on a mission to build a better future where technology helps humans!

Copyright Automate Scale 2023 — All Rights Reserved.

We’re on a mission to build a better future where technology helps humans!